Stick Your Hands Up! And Give Me All Your CCMP!!!

“Whoa!  What kind of a deal is this?!  You can’t rob me from a blog post on the internet!  And further, if you tried, you’d have to pry the CCMP from my cold, dead fingers!  Oh, but…actually…this is a little embarrassing…but..what’s CCMP?”

Hey, take it easy there, big fella… Don’t get all riled up…don’t get your feathers in a bunch.  (Insert random, “old western” phrases here:)

Ok, so you’re probably thinking, out loud yet to yourself “What’s a CCMP?”

Well, I’m glad you asked, my friend!  Glad you asked!  A CCMP is a Clear, Concise Mental Picture.  But you’re thinking “A picture of what”, right?  Man, I know you so well…

In a word: Your future.  Ok, in two words.

Why in the wide, wide world of sports would you want a CCMP of your future?  Well, you wouldn’t!  Unless, of course, you wanted to plan your life and try to make it what you really wanted it to be.  I mean, you could just wander through your life, reacting to whatever happens and bouncing from event to event.  At the end of your life, you would have either “gotten lucky” and had a decent life, or you would have been victimized by the “bad hand” you were dealt.  I guess, in the case of the latter, you could spend the last few years complaining about how life isn’t fair and feeling sorry for yourself.  THAT sounds pretty good…  🙂

But, all kidding aside (well, to be truthful, probably MOST kidding aside), why not plan your life to be the best life it could be?  Why not figure out what would really be a killer life and take steps toward that?  Seems simple, right?

A CCMP means that you know exactly where you want to end up.  If it’s truly a CCMP, you should be able to instantly conjure the picture in your mind about the life you want to have.  It won’t be difficult or take much time, once you’ve spent the initial time to first figure out what you really want.  Also, an important point: Figure out your CCMP before you try to set goals.  If you do, your goals will be related to the CCMP and one will complement the other.  If you try to set goals without a CCMP, they may not get you any closer to where you really want to be.

Example:  Let’s say you spend some time developing your CCMP.  You learn that you’d really love to have a classic car restoration company.  You enjoy doing the actual work, but you imagine you’d eventually like to be the “big picture” guy and just manage the work.  At some point, you’d like this business to pay you income passively, so you can travel the world and go to car shows.  Maybe some of these shows, you could bring along a car or two of which you’re especially proud.  You’d really love just hanging out and chatting with the other people at these shows, and learning new techniques and concepts, which you could eventually teach your crew back home.  This would put you on the cutting edge of car restoration and give your company a competitive edge.

Great work on that CCMP, my special reader!  Wow, the more I’m reading that, the more it’s becoming part of my OWN CCMP.  🙂

Now that you have the CCMP, you can begin to set goals.  Goal 1 could be to go to a trade school to learn the ropes of auto body repair, paint, rebuilding engines, etc.  Goal 2 might be to work for another restoration company to gain experience and start to learn the actual business.  Goal 3 might be to find a great deal on a project car and begin working on it in your spare time.  Goal 4 could be to put up a website to chronicle your progress, set up a youtube channel with videos, and eventually show it at car shows.  Maybe you could sell that car and profit enough to buy something else and fix it up nicer than the first car you bought.  Goal 5 might be to start your own company and develop a following in the auto restoration world.

Notice how all these goals logically line up with your ultimate dream, your CCMP?  That’s why a CCMP is so important.

So, let’s approach this the other way, where we put goals first and the CCMP last (or not at all, which is more typical).

You have no idea what you want to achieve with your life.  When you finish high school, you do what most of your friends are doing. You go to college.  You declare a major, but 2 years in decide that’s not really your deal, so you change majors.  You cram 4 years of college into 5 years, but eventually finish.  You get the first job that seems decent and start working for “the man”.  That goes pretty well, so you decide you should get married.  You marry this person who seems pretty cool and someone suggests buying a house, so you do that.  Of course, you need a car (make that two) since you can’t be dealing with repairs on the old one.  So, now you have two car payments and a mortgage, and you’re now stuck at your job because you have so much debt.  (Plus, your company has excellent dental benefits!)

Jump forward 20 years, and you’re living a life you might never have really wanted.  You have a couple of good kids, and you tell yourself that’s what life is REALLY about, and your dreams were just a fantasy.  I mean… you had to do the responsible thing, right?

So, here’s a thought-provoking question for you: Which approach to life do the majority of people take?  The overwhelming majority of people take the second, of course.  They don’t realize it, but they do.  The reason they don’t realize it is because they never consciously sat down and chose what they wanted their life to be like.  They never developed a CCMP.

Maybe reading this has made you realize that you unconsciously chose “Door #2”.  So, your normal reaction might be “Dang it!  I really hosed this up…well, nothing I can do now…”  Don’t despair, my good reader!  It’s NEVER too late to make a change!  Take some time and figure out where you ultimately want to be!  I promise you it’ll be worth it.  Once you have your CCMP, you can start taking steps in that direction.  Don’t let your life be lived in “default mode”.  “Beast mode” is way more fun.  😉


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One thought on “Stick Your Hands Up! And Give Me All Your CCMP!!!”

  1. Oh this is good! Loved it. I started with door #2 and realized it and changed. So this is possible for everyone. Living the “default mode” life can be boring and stressful so why not settle for “best mode.”
    Again, awesome post. Will be sharing this soon!

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